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I would like to make some white chocolate with my cocoa butter. Does anyone have a recipe for delicious white chocolate?

thank you in advance!

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I made this recipe last weekend and enjoyed it


Cocoa butter - 33%

Sugar - 36%

Skim milk powder - 7%

26.4% fat whole milk powder - 23%

Vanilla - 0.2%

Lecithin - 0.4%

I left that in the grinder for 20 hours.

Hello Gap! thank you for the recipe! I will try it next week, may be withoyt lecithin.

Have a nice week-end!

Hello everybody,

I make similarly white chocolate but it is dense fluid. I have the problem when I m melting  it. It is because of whole milk powder or cocoa butter? I make it in grinder 2 hours.

Impossible to tell from the info you provided.  You'd need to post the details of the formula and the process for it to be properly troubleshooted.  My best guess is that it's either moisture, lactose, or emulsifier related.


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