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   simple question..... does it exist? I need a vanilla-free white chocolate ganache.

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I can make you a 7-lb batch if you want.  Send me a private message if you're interested.

Good luck with that.  Other than getting someone on here to make it for you (such as good 'ol Cheebs), you won't find it.  Several of my recipes need a white chocolate with no vanilla, and I couldn't find any, so I ended up breaking down an buying a refiner specifically to make my own.


Now that I can make my own white chocolate with or without vanilla, that REALLY sets our confections apart from our peers.  No local chocolatier can do a Pomegranate white chocolate center like we can!




sounds Great! yeah I was looking at making my own too but that's a lot of expense.

Mine's a Rhubarb Ganache BTW 


Quick question: Any special reason you needed a separate refiner for white chocolate?

Do you find that once you use a refiner for white/milk chocolate it leaves notable traces when doing dark batches?


I had a sample from Cacao Atlanta .... no vanilla but very grainy . 

Thanks for this Duncan! Much appreciated

Yea! Hope its useful. Let me know how the rhubarb ganache goes. It sounds tasty.

Actually, Icoa has vanilla.  Too bad...

Thanks Lana ! 

O really shoot. Thanks for the correction.

I made it a lot in the past and with Callebaut HW2 and it was good but reminded me of rhubarb and custard ... i don't use Cream , just fruit puree and i want unadulterated Tartness. I've recently acquired abottle of rhubarb bitters which i'm eager to try out 

The Askinosie Davao white chocolate bar has no vanilla. But I don't know if it's available in professional weights such as multi-kilo bars. Then again they're not a huge outfit, so if you need enough they would probably hook you up.


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