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Well everybody, my cup runneth over with frustration at the table top tempering machines on the market today.


I am tired of replacing motor after motor, and control board after control board on the tempering machines that are currently on the market today.


Pavoni Mini-Temper = FAIL (service, every control board, every motor, and control board logic)

ACMC = FAIL (all motors and all plastic parts, and the chocolate volume is too small)

Rev 2 = FAIL (control board logic and fan and heater, and the chocolate volume is WAY too small)


...and WTF is with lightbulbs as heating elements???  Don't these companies know that incandescent lightbulbs are a thing of the past?


Note that the failure is not on just one machine.  I own SIX of each!!!


I pulled the trigger and started the design of my own table top tempering machine.  It will have the following features:

  • industrial strength Motor OUTSIDE of the heating/cooling chamber
  • Control board OUTSIDE of the heating/cooling chamber
  • Seperate motor control (ACMC has this, but not Rev 2 or Pavoni)
  • 5 programmable and automated tempering cycles
  • all stainless steel construction
  • LCD style touch screen control panel (no more buttons to wear out).
  • No light bulbs as heat supply (heating element and fan combination)


These machines will be designed to withstand the amost abusive staff, will be designed to run 24/7, and will be made from parts that can be ordered off the shelf from pretty much any motor supply place or hardware supplier.


The cool thing will be how the programs work.  There will be 3 set points (similar to the Pavoni).  However unlike with the Pavoni you can do what you want with them.  For example, The tempering cycle may be set like 43c  to 27c to 31.5c.  As the day progresses and the chocolate begins to thicken, you switch to program 2 which increase the temperature 1 degree.  The 3 set points would then be 32.5 to 32.5 to 32.5.  Maybe your chocolate continues to thicken.  You could program the machine to do 33.5 to 33.5 to 33.5, to make the chocolate more fluid.




Maybe you work with 5 different types of chocolate, and each has a specific tempering cycle.  You could program the machine to operate 5 different cycles automatically depending on which chocolate you are using that day.


In our shop, we will reserve program 5 as our heating and holding program.  At the end of the day, our staff will set the machine to program 5 (43c to 43c to 43c), turn the motor off and go home.  The machine will take the chocolate to that, and hold it until the next day when my staff arrive, set the machine to program 1 and start the bowl turning again.  At that time it runs through it's cycle, and in an hour it's automatically back in temper, and ready to use.


I will offer a 3 year unconditional warranty on the failure of all parts due to manufacturer defect (not user defect), and the machines will hopefully be priced around the $1500 dollar mark.


No more cheap plastic parts, and failing motors.


Who's interested?




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i ll try one ASAP if they are any good will def get a few more.

Sounds great. There certainly is a demand for the machine you are describing. I wish you all the best with this endeavor!

Hi Brad, it sounds interesting.

What is going to be the machine's volume capacity?

Is going to have a wheel/scraper attachment?



It's going to have a baffle inside similar to the others I've mentioned, except that the baffle will be offset from center a bit more so that there is more room in the working area of the bowl.

What about its volume capacity?

It will be able to run with as little as 2lbs, but should hold around 10 just fine - about the same as a pavoni

Sounds interesting Brad. 

If you need upfront funding you may want to use Kickstarter ( to get people to signup for the machine up-front.

Now, I can't help but wonder if v.1 of your temperer can beat the more established/mature machines on something as tricky as tempering. 

I'd definitely love to see that. 

Thanks for the advice on Kickstarter.

With regard to tempering, it's not tricky if the thermocouple is accurate.



While I appreciate your offer to the members, I make the money to support TheChocolateLife community by offering advertising and sponsorship programs to companies that want to sell products and services to members. 

By making your offer without contacting me first you have undermined some of the relationships I have with advertisers and sponsors. I am closing down comments to this post for that reason.

Your advertising your product in this way is the same - from my perspective - as if I owned a chocolate store and you walked into that store and started selling your products. I can only assume that if I walked into your storefront in Calgary and started selling someone else's chocolate that you'd have a problem with that. We have had this discussion before - in private and in public. TheChocolateLife is my place of business and I ask that you respect that and consider that fact when making posts.

If you want to offer your product commercially to ChocolateLife members you can ... through the proper channels. One of the things I look for is a pricing structure that provides a discount to ChocolateLife members PLUS a commission to me for referring any business.

:: Clay

PS. Classifieds is for USED equipment so if you want to sell off your old machines you can.


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