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Hi All, 

    Currently I purchase our beans from Bali, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any bean suppliers in North America?  Thank you for your help! 

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I can provide wholesale supplies from Honduras.  Send me a message if you are interested and let me know what quantities and characteristics you are interested in.


Hi Erin, I am also interested in sourcing beans, would you be willing to share background, varietal and source information. We are in the experimental stages, and are looking for smaller quantities 10 to 20 kilos. 

E-mail me when you get a


Hi Christopher,

I am one of the founders of Cotton Tree Chocolate in Belize.  Cotton Tree Chocolate has been making chocolate from the bean in Belize for over 4 years now.  It is a Belize Company.

About a year and half ago I started indi chocolate LLC in Seattle.  I wanted a more consistent high quality of bean than I was finding in Belize (Cotton Tree Chocolate has the ability physically inspect and select every bag of beans in the cooperative in Belize since we are in the same town, Punta Gorda).  I am also very happy with the fermentation and beans in Honduras.

After my experience of direct economic improvements in Belize, I really wanted to make a direct difference with my bean purchasing where it makes the most impact and rewards the hard work of raising and properly processing the beans.  Sustainability and high quality beans are also important to me.  Because of this, I direct source the beans for indi chocolate LLC.

I will follow up with you in an email about the smaller quantities, etc.

If anyone else has questions, etc. you can feel free to send me a message too.



HI Erin,
could you send me some info as well? we are looking to source beans directly. We use about 3 tons every 6 months.
The beans need to be Organic. thanks

I'm also interested in cacao from Belize/Honduras .

Hi Erin,

I am also very interested in the distributor for smaller quantities. My email address is

Much appreciated!

Hi Kathie,

I have several kilos of organic and fairtrade certified cocoa from Tumbes, Peru available. 

Let me know if you are interested.


I am intrested also in smaller quanities of coco from Belize/Honduras. Please send me some information.

Thank you

I am looking for small quantities of some great trinitario or criollo beans and would appreciate more info.

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

My company out of Venezuela can offer Trinitario beans from 3 regions. I have a brochure with details I can send to your email address. For smaller quantities we have a warehouse in Florida with some supply there, I know right now we have about 2 mtons there. What quantities are you interested in?  

Hi Tatiana, I am interested in trying a variety of beans so I can learn.  I was thinking about 2-3 62 kg bags of different beans from different regions, so I can learn about different flavor profiles.  You should have my email already, if not I can send.

Hi Tatiana,

I would love to see a brochure.


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