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Hi All, 

    Currently I purchase our beans from Bali, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any bean suppliers in North America?  Thank you for your help! 

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Hey Tatiana, 

I am quite interested in checking out your brochure. I am a Virginia resident, so a Florida warehouse is relatively convenient. Actually, I am willing to travel to Venezuela if I decide to source larger amounts of cacao from your company. I've friended you through the Chocolate Life. Please get back to me whenever it's convenient. 



Hi Tatiana,

I know this post is a yr old, but am wondering if you still have beans available from your FL warehouse, and also which area of FL.  I'm just starting out, and won't need huge quantities at first.  I can be reached @


Tatiana, I would love to know what you have available for the small order 

Hi Erin, I would be interested in trying some smaller quantities of your beans.  How can I get some more info?


Hi suppliers,

I am interested in purchasing smaller amounts of beans or nibs for our R&D for a product for  consumers desiring  the under 120 degree F/ unroasted OG bean product. Feeling confident in finding beans  which have not gone above 120 degrees has proven to have its challenges. 

Hi Erin,

 could you please send me some more information about the types or cocoa beans you have and ordering process?

Thank you

Hi Erin,

you have a lot of request but i guess no one have received an email yet!

Hi Antonino,

Since you didn't leave your email address I sent you a message on the Chocolate Life.  You need to accept my friend request and then we can exchange information. 

I've already exchanged emails with Christopher and messages with Jo.


Hi Erin,

my apologies, i didn't notice the friend request. sorry about that!

my email address is

Looking forward to hear from you.


I would like to know more about price and shipping.

Hello Brent,

My start up company Sheba Spice/Trading is in the process of preparing to receive our first shipment of cocoa beans direct from grower in Tanzania. The beans will be delivered according to ICCO standard and are organicallly grown in soil where pesticides have never been introduced. The growers are in the process of obtaining there Organic and Fair Trade certifications (Tancert/Flocert). I'am excited about my relationship with the growers and helping them work toward improving their quality of life. Your involvement will also help these growers to that end. If you are interested in contacting me regarding the beans, please feel free to email me: or I look forward to hearing from all interested parties.


Hello Brent,

I have supplies at the warehouse in Florida, the origin - Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. Send me a message if interested.


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