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Hi All, 

    Currently I purchase our beans from Bali, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any bean suppliers in North America?  Thank you for your help! 

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Hi Tatiana, I am looking for small quantities of some great trinitario or criollo beans and would appreciate more info.


Hi Tatiana,

I am very interested in your cacao. Could you please send me information on you cacao at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time

Hello Tatiana,

I am also interested in the Venezuela and the Ecuador. Please contact me with pricing and origin information at your convenience. 


Talofa from Samoa and warm greetings. We also need a bean supplier in USA. Our largest export, 1 tonne, departed yesterday for Australia thru our distributor, in Sydney, who we also want to help us roast our 7-Night Fermented Trinitario SAMOAN GOLD Cocoa Beans from Samoan cocoa growers. We now want a Cocoa Bean distributor in LAX/California with roasting connections. We just got a special Development Rate for exporting our famous cocoa from Samoa (getting rave reviews) so this will make it much much cheaper to export 10 tonne 20 foot containers by sea....we can even just half-fill if needs be if 10 tonne is too much...say minimum 3 tonnes/shipment...maximum 10 tonnes. Contact Tupae Steve on (Cocoa Samoa Ltd)

I have Organic and Fair Trade cocoa beans from Tumbes, Peru.  I can break them into smaller quantities.

Paul can you PM more details to me? 

I am a cocoa bean supplier based in Houston Texas. I am finalizing some items with the company and will able to ship directly to you soon. If you are interested please contact me. Cassandra I will be supplying Cocoa beans from Brazil.

I am really interested in your cacao.  Could you please send me your contact information, and I will contact you.  Thank you.

Hi Cassandra, I am interested in trying some of your beans, is there a way you could send a sample?


Since my last posting in June, our own cocoa market research in Samoa and internationally has interestingly identifed a few 'dots' that can now be joined, namely our local growers will accept $AUD5500/tonne FOB initially to help spearhead this trinitario cocoa bean export initiative with as our distributor responsible for freight/sales. We have 2 weeks left to complete our analysis of what price our well-sorted organically grown and processed (still awaiting organic certications) dried trinitario cocoa beans will fetch on the open market. We needed a price that will stimulate local production for over 200 growers that are only now supportive of centralized fermentation for 7-Nights in wooden fermentors draining the liquid and temperature profiles kept (about 40 degrees celsius), some like their beans unwashed before sun drying as this makes better chocolate but winnowing more difficult. We cut-test to assess the level of fermentation and would like to offer a Quality Assurance Certificate indicative of the above efforts made that have directly reflected the feedback given to us from our closest chocolatiers/reviewers/market researchers. We are currently estimating 10 tonne production of dried beans per month ready for export if anyone interested in this volume or 1-2 tonne parts there of.....and we can match your preferred post-harvest processing specifications under your quality control guidance if this is also preferred. We now feel that we can produce this premium product at this opening price on a longterm contractual basis. Hope this throws some light on the current thread of sourcing high quality cocoa beans...we can airfreight cheaply into USA by the tonne. Cheers, Tupaemanaia Steve


I'm starting a small project in Egypt, and I'm finding that sourcing nibs into Egypt wholly impossible, so I thought to try source cocoa liquor and go from there. Does anyone have any suggestions? Will cocoa liquor be ok for a start up venture or should I continue to search?

Thank you...

Hi Chocolate Pot,

Have you considerate sourcing cocoa beans into Egypt?  If so, I know a supplier from Indonesia who has quality beans from there. 


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