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I am currently making single origin bean to bar chocolate and am always on the lookout for places to order the beans/nibs from. Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa :)

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Same here. :)

Hey Steven!

Hope I can help :)

feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Does that cost of $450 include the shipping and beans or is it just the shipping cost with no beans?

Thank you!

Hi Lisa

My name is Joe Meza, I am one of the owners of Mindo Chocolate Makers.  We have been working with farmers in Ecuador.  We are currently paying the farmers an elevated price, because we believe that they deserve it.  We are also teaching them how to ferment and dry properly.  Up to this point we have done all the fermentation and drying ourselves in our place in Mindo.  There are many farmers in our region of Ecuador that don't have many choices to be able to sell their products at a just price.  This year we are finally getting to the point where we can export our beans by container.

These are our current prices 

1.  Purchase the beans directly from the farmers.  We are paying the farmers $2.10/lb.  We charge a 10% fee for an inspection and for logistics.  So the price will be $2.31 \lb prepaid.  At this point you can either arrange the shipping or we can charge you for doing that.  Minimum 3 tons or 6,000 lbs.

2.  Purchase the beans from us in the US.  We are in MIchigan.  The price will be $ 5.25 /lb but you must purchase at least one ton, or 2,000 lbs.  Shipping from Michigan will be on you.

3.  Purchase the beans from us.  We ship from Michigan, any amount  Price $12.00/lb plus shipping.

4.   We also can sell you nibs.  We do the roasting and winnowing in Ecuador at our place in Mindo.  Our price for nibs in Ecuador is $3.80 /lb for quantities of one ton or more.  Shipping from Ecuador to your place will be extra.

5.  Nibs from Michigan any amount $15.00/lb plus you pay for the shipping.

One thing that I would suggest is to come to Mindo and visit us and if you are serious enough we will help you get a meeting with the farmers

Hi Joseph, can you please provide your website


I am presently waiting on a trial shipment of Criollo bean from Chiapas, Mexico. If anyone is interested , please let me know, I am uncertain of pricing at this time. I am considering going into the brokerage of mexcian chocolate , i have access to several sources of both beans and "pasta de cacao". i also have access to some very basic processing amchinery at wildly variable prices.

What i would appreciate is what prices purchasers are paying now and what quantities they might need, I want to buy and price these fairly but need to make a profit. please reply with specifics .

thanks dennis

If you sell as small as 20lbs at a time, I would love to try your pasta.

I'd be interested in what you get and what the prices would be. Please email

I would be interested in around 25lbs. Is it possible to get that? Also, are the beans organic/fair trade?

I am interested

I have been buying liquor or nibs and find they are usually priced the same.  Cacoa Family (formally Mirabel Farms) is selling their Dominican liquor at $7/lb and are based in Duarte, CA.  I know the area where there beans are coming from and will visit their fermentation and drying stations this summer.  I am buying in the 10-20 pounds at a time, when you can purchase, I think 100 pounds at a time, the price goes down more than a dollar a pound.  Shipping usually adds another $1/lb.  I also buy Ecuadorian liquor from Fine Cocoa Products in Brooklyn at $5/lb for the small purchases and they discount on I think it is 60lbs or more.  Shipping $1lb.  Also bought some nibs from Taza and was told if I buy 100/lbs. it would be $10lb + shipping.  Can't wait until I can buy at 1000/lbs at a time. 

Hi Thomas, thanks for explaining your process! Could you help explain what are the regulations and licensing required to import beans to the US? Thanks again!


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