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Hey everyone,


I am looking to get some custom candy bar wrappers done but cant seem to find a company that does it on a wholesale level. All the companies i have found just make the wrappers to go over hershey bars.


If anyone would be willing to give up the name of the company they use that would be great!!!


We are looking for a starting quantity of around 5,000 pieces.


Thanks for the information!!!!


Justin Schaffer

Irresistible Confections


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What format of wrapper are you looking for? A foldover like the ones Scharffen Berger or the Mast Bros use? Or is there some special requirement?

Clay I'm interested in a foldover format and was going to have my box guy custom make one. But if you have anyone in mind that has something for the old school 100g break away bar, roughly 3" x 6" I'm interested.

Macaron boxes as well...Glerup has flimsy boxes that are way too long. I've seen macaron packaging out there that is way tighter, but I cant seen to find a supplier.


If you're looking for a folding bar wrapper, Solis' suggestion is exactly right on - any decent printer should be able to do one for you. Heck, the Mast Bros buy paper that is already print it, cut it to size, and slap labels on the wrapped bars.

Alufoil is probably the best place in the country to get foil bar wrappers. Lots of colors and weights and they do send free sample books.

What kind of packaging do you want to put your macarons in? Clear plastic?

Why don't you consider clear plastic tubes like these from Qualita? Koerner was also showing similar macaron packaging last year.

Photoshop, your logo design, chocolate bar info, net weight/oz/grams of bar, dimension of bar +size of wrapper, fold lines, ( use another companies wrapper as a template, one which is the same size as your bar. Ingredients, nutritional facts, bar code. Take to a printer, choose paper. Any graphic artist or computer designer can do this, along with some computer geeks! Take to nice sized printing shop, choose paper. Order foil, again, go by the size of a company that has a bar similar to what you will be making. If you have an artist friend ask for help, pay them in chocolate. Alufoil Products will send you color samples of their foils.

You will have to get your bar code. Your chocolate supplier should have ingredient info and nutritional fact for their chocolate. This is all info you will have to come up with no matter who does your printing.


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