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I am about to start selling to a casino company and
am faced with bulk packaging. They do parties for 600-1000 people all
of the time and the chef wants my pieces for his buffets. This first party is for
1000 pcs.

The company who does my retail boxes (Sweet Packaging) does not have a bulk packaging system and I have found little results
online. Does anyone use or have seen a multi-layered box/tray system out

I was told Tomric could get this together but they won't return calls.

My real problem is that I'm going out of town for 2 weeks and have about 1
week to get something here.

HELP! and Thanks,

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Tomric does have the bulk packaging - not sure why they aren't answering - I've always had a real person answer the phone.

Brian is on this site and will probably see your request.
Oh I got a real person, but Sean was on the other line so I left a voicemail.

I like Tomric and I like Sean; I bought my Selmi from them, but I have had several times when I had asked questions via email with no response...I guess lost in the shuffle? I have to call and get someone on the phone.

Brian is awesome, I met with him and he was the one who told me that Tomric had the packaging.

Thanks for reply!
I like Sean very much - but he's not one I'd leave voicemail for - he rarely calls back!
I'd contact Brian. He will understand the urgency of your situation.

I would like to suggest an entirely different approach. Try half-sheet pans and covers. Readily available, reusable, and inexpensive. Also fit a LOT of pieces per pan, already in their candy cups. Easily transportable in a rack or carrier.

awesome idea for reusable, haven't used the plastic covers before.

for this customer though, they have to be delivered and disposable.

thanks cheebs!
thanks everyone, got it all worked out...Brian and Sean pulled through!

gooooooooo Tomric!
cheebs - I love your ideas! Does the lid to the sheet pan seal tightly? I'm wondering how airtight it would be in the freezer? From the photo - the seal looks pretty good.
How will your casino client store the product once it arrives?


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