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I have two ganache formulas that consistently leak out of the caps when I use them for shell molded pralines. One contains amaretto and the other is a lime/honey/ginger ganache. Both are delicious and I'd like to use them in my products, but no matter what I do, they leak. Since I don't have this problem with other shell molded pralines, I'm assuming that this is a problem with the ganache itself and not with my molding technique. Any suggestions?

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Your ganaches sound tasty! My experience with that problem is that it happens when the ganache has not had time to crystallize. Try covering the filled mould (for sanitation purposes) and leaving it overnight to set before topping it off. Alternatively, maybe your ganache contains too much liquid. Try reducing the amount of cream in your formula.

Thank you for your suggestions, Beth! I always allow my ganache-filled molds to crystallize overnight, so perhaps changing the proportion of cream/lime juice to the other ingredients will do the trick :)

I would either reduce the percentage of cream or increase chocolate in my ganache. Sounds like you need a firmer filling. Also I would make a thiker chocolate shell to prevent the cream from escaping.

Thank you for your suggestions, Omar! I will try tinkering with the proportions a bit. I don't think the shell thickness is the issue because I don't have the leakage problem with other kinds of ganache. Possibly my cream here in Thailand has more water and less butterfat than the cream used in other countries, which would account for the difference in ganache behavior.

my pleasure. let me know how it goes

To Beth and Omar,

I've finally solved this problem simply by not using tempered chocolate for capping the molds.

Isn't it great when a solution is SIMPLE? :)


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