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I use chopped chocolate then pour hot cream in bowl stay at 1 minutes and then stir the chocolate mixture but some chocolate have not melt. I reheat the chocolate mixture then result is split. Next I try use to half melt chocolate to do, but this time I stir the mixture better than first time, but when I put butter into mixture to stir, split is happening. why? This recipe use chocolate 1:1 cream and also chocolate 2:1 cream 

How can make your success ganache, Thank 

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Hi. Try melting all the chocolate in a double boiler (bain-marie) on low, then take off the heat, let cool for a few minutes. Warm the cream up to just lukewarm, about 98f then add it all at once to the melted chocolate and stir in until uniform and thick. Let it set up in the refrigerator.

Good luck!


Thank Mark, but ganache can be set up in refrigerator?


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