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Unfortunately I live in a city where the above mentioned chocolates are not available in small quantities for me to sample and play with. I was wondering if anyone has worked with any of the following 3 chocolates, Wilbur Veliche - Van Leer - Guittard? I found a cpl of sites that I could purchase them in bulk at what seems to be a decent price but I have never worked with any of them. I was wondering about the quality, taste and tempering qualities. Is the Veliche actually produced in Belgium? Thank you.

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Veliche is produced in Belgium.  However, simply using african beans on german equipment based in belgium doesn't result in something that's different from the same product made using african beans on german equipment based in the US...

All 3 companies have good products, all 3 have less good products.  What good means depends on your definition.  Afraid there's no 'right' answer.


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