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Good Afternoon!

Will my finished chocolates develep bloom if I drizzle with warm chocolate?

Thanks for your help!


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It sounds like you warmed chocolate is out of temper.

Perhaps I am not drizzling at the right time? Should I drizzle while the covered candy is setting or should I wait until it's solidified to drizzle?
Can you tell I am a newbie at this? (chuckle)
It will if untempered. Another option would be to use compound coating (non tempering chocolate that contains vegetable fats) which would set normally and not bloom.
I have used compound coatings to decorate/ drizzle my tempered chocolate truffles. But I have noticed the tempered chocolate got white blotches around and near the drizzled area. Not sure if the temp change caused by the warm compound coating caused the blotchy areas.
The fats in compound coating and cocoa butter interact in a negative way that causes the blotches. If you used tempered chocolate and drizzled it on a finished chocolate you should have no problem.
Thank you everyone for all your imput.


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