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Hi All,

I'm traveling down to Costa Rica this October, and was wondering if anyone knew of any working cocoa plantations, farms or coops I could possibly work on for a few weeks.

Thank you for your help,


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Visited Costa Rica last month and had the opportunity to tour a couple of outstanding cacao farms while I was there.  I would be glad to share that experience and contact information.  Both were quite rustic and might be challenging for any kind of extended stay.   Michael

If you wanted to change your destination (slightly), there are options here in Nicaragua for this kind of thing. Matagalpa (they call it the North, but it more like the center of the country) has a lot of cocoa production and some interesting things to see if you are interested.

Giff Laube

Thank you so much for your input. I am absolutely flexible. Please let me know more specific details if you have them.

Great area.  Lots of red and black 8)

Sarah, just be aware that October is THE absolute wettest month of the year in Costa Rica.  With that said, I can suggest at least one place where you can ask if they will have you.  If interested, contact me privately.

October is the main cacao harvest time in Costa Rica. It is NOT the wettest time in the cacao growing areas. It is wet in October in areas that have the longest dry seasons and thus not that great for growing cacao. The weather should be good all the way from Upala to Limon and Talamanca and into the Bocas del Toro area of Panama which is beautiful and pretty good for cacao. The best bean to bar is probably in the town of Puerto Viejo, Talamanca. Peter
Hello Sarah , this is Juan Pablo from Finca La Amistad in Bijagua de Upala, in the northern plains of Costa Rica.. You are welcome at the farm. We also produce chocolates Please send me an email with your questions and goals.

Hi Juan Pablo,  Sarah, I can definitely recommend Finca la Amistad.  It is in a wonderful rural area of Costa Rica.  The farm is well run and the cacao produced is first quality.  Peter

Thank you all for your responses!


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