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Is there anyone that would be willing to make youtube video on how to work with airbrushing, this is a topic I think is needed for us in remote places.


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great idea. I just bought one so this would be very helpful to get the ball rolling!
I'd love to see an in depth one from multiple angles so I can really see what's going on!
I agree with you Susan, now we just have to hope that someone here has the ability to make a tutorial covering everything from temperature and how to apply.
Here's hoping!
Warm colored cocoa butter in microwave for 10 second intervals for 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. Alternatively a warming cabinet or heat lamp will suffice. Shake well. Warm airbrush with hair drier. Spray or decorate. Double action airbrush is good for detail work. A good compressor with min. 55 psi is best.
I'm camera shy but I have written a few posts on my blog pertaining to airbrushing. Confessions of a Chocolatier

Hope this helps and I can answer any quesions if you'd like.- Sarah

Hi Sarah,


Thank you for the help. I read your blog and took some notes on Airbrushing. I just purchased a airbrush kit online and was having some troubles. Your tips were great. Thanks!


Awesome! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. : )


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