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We have access to some very fine cacao now, some that a certain US artisan company is able to sell for $45/lb., after they convert it to bar.

Our process is complete, but improving.

I would like to find an economical, yet elegant solution for wrapping bars that we can sell to tourists and the locals. There is the traditional, label over foil wrapping that commercial bars used to use. Then there are the artisanal, wax lined bags such as:

Does anyone know if these types of bags are available "off the shelf"? Do they require custom printing and hand sealing?

I'm open to any wrapping solutions, but we really want to brand our chocolate and give it an earthy look, such as the wrapper above.

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There was a response to this earlier. I think the site mentioned was

I think Shaun mentioned he bought packaging from the company. The artwork is 'hot stamped' and is an option offered.


Thanks for the link. I am checking that site out now. 


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