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Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong section.

I've made ganache filled dark chocolate pralines/truffles/bon-bons and I'm supposed to be selling them for the first time this weekend at a Christmas show.  The recipe's been altered to hopefully extend the shelf life beyond the holidays but I'm not sure it's enough.

My old recipe brought together cream, butter, and Lorann Oil natural anti-oxidant (no one I know can taste it) until it starts to boil. That gets poured onto solid chocolate callets and mixed with a spoon until smooth.

Based on what I've read in the forums and a few other places, I've created a new recipe,  a mixture of cream, butter, the antioxidant and a small amount of corn syrup.  I bring that to just under a boil, cool it to 90 degrees, pour into tempered chocolate that's also at 90 degrees and mix with an immersion blender.  I wrap the chocolates in foil, put them in a bag with a twist tie and add a string to make them tree ornaments.  

Unfortunately, it seems ganache filled chocolates are only good for three weeks at room temperature.  And my new recipe isn't quite as good as my original one.  It's really good, just not as good.

My question are: How can I sell ganache filled holiday chocolates that may not make it to the holidays?  Should I refrigerate them or suggest people refrigerate them and then put them on the tree the day before Christmas?  That seems lame and I'm worried about bloom.  

I'm making another batch next week.  Does anyone have suggestions to extend the shelf life of my original recipe or is it best to stick with the more shelf stable ganache?

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Greg - Maybe  I'm missing something, but I don't see where you're enrobing or dipping your ganache in tempered chocolate.  If you're trying to get shelf life for "naked" ganache, I don't think that's feasible. The tempered chocolate shell serves to seal the ganache and preserve it, at least for a few weeks. Just wrapping a ganache with foil won't allow it to be kept at room temperature.

Hi Steve!
I'm using polycarbonate molds and tempered Callabut 811NV for the shell which I fill with ganache.
Does it matter if I use molds vs. enrobing?

The industrials have, of course, figured this out in their own ways decades ago, and artisans have learnt many things from the industrials over the years as you know. I believe that the French artisans are very advanced in this area.

Enrobed or molded, if you're sealing the ganache in tempered chocolate you should have at least a 3 week room temperature shelf life.


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