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Your take on: Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Dark Chocolate, and Health ?

Hi Forum,

I'm really glad that I found this site to talk about chocolate :). My name is Mary from Finland (A frozen Nordic country in northern Europe near the north pole) I would love and appreciate if you guys share with me your thoughts.

I love chocolate so much. In the past, I used to eat chocolate everyday (Especially Milk chocolate). I have spent a fortune on chocolates, and I have eaten SO MANY types of chocolates. I used to go to La Maison Angelina in Paris to enjoy their amazing chocolates.

Anyhow, Unfortunately and sadly for some health issues, Doctors have completely prohibited me from eating milk chocolate. The only allowed option for me is about 10g of dark chocolate. Well, In this beginning this was so difficult for me because I cannot live without the sweet milk chocolate, However, I tired to swap it with dark chocolate and this has been a challenge since I am not used to the bitter and strong taste. Besides, In Finland we have a pretty small market with quite limited selections, the only available options are: Lindt Excellence (Max 85%), Marabou Premium 86%, and some useless local brands such as Fazer dark chocolate that is loaded with carbs and sugar.

Anyways, Thankfully I now can tell that I can eat and somewhat enjoy the dark chocolates.

So, What is my problem?

My problem is that most recently I discovered a new product in the market here which is: Organic Cacao Nibs, and I read that is healthy but I couldn't find any comparison for it with Organic dark chocolate?

I checked the nutrition facts of the Organic Cacao Nibs and found them very close to some of the Organic dark chocolates (85%). But my question is, Regardless the taste or the preferences (Let's discuss ONLY from a pure health perspective):

Which is healthier: Organic Dark Chocolate e.g. (85%) or Organic Cacao Nibs ?

I would greatly and sincerely appreciate your inputs !

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Well, remove everything from the list of ingredients for the dark chocolate bar with the exception of cocoa and you're essentially left with the equivalent of cacao nibs. The largest ingredient removed is sugar so in this case the nibs are healthier. :)

Define healthy 8-)

                    100g of nibs    vs     100g of dark chocolate

Calories        720Kcal                      605Kcal

Sugar            0g                              24g

Fat               54g                             43g

I don't share my thoughts too often on this forum as most posts are bang on in terms of an answer but I have to say 'Sebastian' made my morning when I read his post. Whether it is someones palate or the rest of his/her body, everything is relative!


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