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As we near the end of the year, it's customary to look back and reflect on what exactly the heck happened and to try to make some sense of it. My local radio station has a Top 1043 songs of all time list that they compile each year from listener votes.

Now, this is of course an unscientific sampling that may not result in anything that can be considered statistically valid. But it will be meaningful to everyone here on TheChocolateLife, so please share. The cutoff for adding your list is New Year's Eve.

There will be at least one prize for the most interesting list(s) (and it has to be true!, well mostly). I am not sure that the prize(s) will be yet but it will probably have something to do with chocolate. I am going to judge the entries (my own will not be eligible for a prize).

Questions? Comments? Lists? This is the place to look back on 2008 and let everyone know about your year of chocolate highlights.

:: Clay

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