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Hi everyone

I want to know how to use cocobutter colors with air brush. I have powder colors for chocolates but not sure about the proportions in which  to use with cocobutter. And do we need to temper coco butter b4 using kindly help.


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There a number of useful videos on you tube that takes you through the steps, as well as a nuber of thread in the main forum on this website with heaps of information on the topic.

The powder colour has to be fat soluble and not water soluble. I use coloured cocoa butter (I make my own colours)  for my chocolates but have to give it a go with airbrush. Infact I am researching on Airbrush kit that would be suitable to use with the viscocity of cocoa butter and the type of air compressor required for my requirement. Send me your email . I could provide you with some information I have collected on the above


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