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At your opinion which company's chococlate block  ( Available in  India) are best? Can any one help me?

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There are many chocolate slabs & compound starting from morde, swiss dreams, 2m cocoa, cocoa&more, barry callebeau and many more....

Dear Balpreet,

                                Can you suggest me the best one according to you and why it is.

Dear Ramya,

I have used several of them and have found Marco to be the best, especially because it melts into a consistency that is easy for pouring into moulds. However, the price at which the competition is offering prepared & wrapped chocolates, I might have to use cheaper brands. People want sambar vada by paying the price of ordinary pakoris. :X

Thank you sanjay

The pleasure is mine, Ramya. )

The best Chocolate is Callebaut and if you are looking for compound blocks then you can try Selbourne.

@Suresh: Is than an Indian brand?

 Hi suresh, welcome to "CHOCOLATE IN INDIA".  Thank you for your reply.  Anyway i am very happy that a talking member joined here,  most of the others are mum, except Sanjay and some times Balpreet. 

                                Sanjay, Barry Callebaut  is a multinational gaint they stared opreation in India. I tasted their compound ( What they are selling in India) , it was not up to the mark.   But they are internationaly  renound . They also opened one Chocolate Academy In Mumbay where they offer different  courses .

Selbourne is a malasian brand, mainly selling compound.

Hello Ramya, Thanks for the detailed and kind reply. I shall be checking out a new store that has opened in Kolkata, which only sells chocolate related products. Will provide feedback after a few days. Am too weak to venture out for the next few days.

The best compound slab in India is the imported Cocoa Ivory brand compounds, the best chocolate is the imported Patissier Brand chocolate- both produced in Singapore, in a ISO certfied plant with the most updated European Equipment and premium raw material

Hey Sorry, Ramya friend i was busy and i think i missed your question too.

Well according to me what i have tasted so far Barry Callebeau compound tasted very bad, Morde is good, Selbourne is equal to morde its just a hype that selbourne is good, Lebourne is equal to morde too,Cacao & more is equal in competition... i have also almost all brands available most of the other brands except i mentioned have grainy texture or too much sugar.

Coming to Couverture - Barry is a giant but too costly (coz of all import duty and all) in comparison to that i feel Morde and Jindal are giving good quality couvertures, along with comes in the race is "2m cocoa" (not as good as morde or jindal but taste gives a little different punch)

dear Balpreet, 

Can u give me an idea abt Jindal Couverture. where i find there products and which country they belong to? Thank you.


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