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Hi everyone.

I have been making chocolates for many years now but there is an insurgent of new products lately in the market giving u many options to try from .I have been using imported compound for my chocolate and very recently i came across callebaut coveture which is ten times costlier .

My question is for making chocolates compounds are better or coveture and whats the difference can anybody help?

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Hi, nadia.
Compounds are not chocolate coz it doesnot have the main ingredient that is cocoa butter that melts at our body temperature. Compound is made up of saturated veg. Fats.
Where as couverture chocolate is pure chocolate that needs to be tempered before processing to make it shine and have a snap kind of felling when broken or being consumed.

thanks balpreet .

But is couveture a good option for indian climate bcoz as u mentioned it has cocoa butter that melts at body temp .

Couverture chocolate is always a bit pricey but it also gives the best results and flavors.
For indian temperature conditions couverture is best used in winters. In summer unless you got refrigerator and an air conditioning unit you cant make chocolates.

Ok i do have access to refrigeration as well as a/c but once the chocolate is made delivery and handling again will be at humid temperatures specially mumbai hardly has any winters . ok say i want to buy a couverture what would u suggest .and what reasonably priced brands are available in india.i did got hold of callebaut couverture buttons or small disk .but it had melted into a lump at the dealers shop itself so i didnt invest in it thinking this might not temper correctly.this was rs 2500/pack .

Try imported Cocoa Ivory compounds... taste almost like couverture... yet heat resistance, melt in your mouth...


Can somebody tell me what are the current prices for locally produced dark, milk and  white  compound slabs and imported compound slabs like selbourne, cocaoa ivory, le bourne?

i think morde is produced locally and ranges between 105 to 135/500gms

and selbourne and le bourne range between 290-360/kg

and not sure about cocoa ivory.

The rates in Mumbai are mentioned below:

1. Morde

Dark Compound - 90 RS

Milk Compound - 110 RS

White Compound - 120 RS

2. Choco Swish

Bitter Compound - 90 RS

Milk Compound - 100 RS

3. Vanleer

Dark Compound - 100 RS

Milk Compound - 120 RS


Dark Compound - 90 RS

Milk Compound - 100 RS

White Compound - 110 RS

Imported chocolates haven't been coming into our country recently due to some issues hence cant comment on that.

Hope you find the above information useful.

Have a nice day.


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