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Hello everyone!

I have been a chocolate enthusiast since I can remember and the time has now come for me to deep dive into a pool of dark shiny melting chocolate!

Firstly, I'd like to share my larger vision. It is to build a strong chocolate movement in India - more awareness, more options and creation of more reasonably priced products - and build a product that ensures the lowest carbon footprint for a population as large as ours, with an in-built social and economic balance. 

The purpose of this forum is to understand and discuss a range of topics revolving around chocolate in India from the viability of starting a new venture in India in cocoa farming, manufacturing, supply chain, the limitations posed by climate, new innovations, sustainability and costs, holding conferences with experts in-country to even using chocolate as a medium for experential learning in schools!

Basically, anything that interests you and will benefit the group.

There are many questions on farming, manufacturing, sustainability whose answers would enable me and I believe, others to understand the scope of developing cocoa and chocolate products in India.

With a huge sense of possibility, I request you all to share your expertise and your questions on this forum, and come together for living the chocolate life, as Clay calls it!

To begin the discussions, one of the first questions I'd like to post is:

Are there opportunities to apprentice with chocolatiers and cocoa farmers in France/India/Belgium/elsewhere and what are the nitty-gritties involved? 

Looking forward to many lively discussions here!



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Wow Chitresh!

This sounds super fun and great for learning! Would love to hear more about the progress of your experiment. let's connect? my email is   

Agree with comments below'Wow chirag' Pls fwd me pic's or progress of how your chocolate comes out ...chocolate is easy to fall in love with .

Thanks Devika

will surely send u pics n update you of my progress.. and i totally agree, chocolate is very easy to fall in love with

Looking forward to the pics! :)


 I recently joined this forum and surely would love to be part of building a big chocolate movement in India.

Creating awareness about real high quality chocolate is a big challenge... but i strongly feel that this platform can help us in realising our dream.

hi chirag from where you studied hotel management? very good to hear that you are experimenting chocolate at home.:) good brother.I study hotel management from India pune.Presently i am at New Zealand working in chocolate factory.I used be a pastry chef.let me know your progress if you need any help write me

thanks and regards,

mahesh joshi.

hi are you in interested in chocolate?? write me

hi Subhashini it is nice to hear  that you are working on chocolate.I am presently atNewzealand working in chocolate factory.I am from India,Pune.lets connect

Hi Chirag,

So happy to learn that you have attempted to make chocolate from cocoa beans - AT HOME ! You are  an adventurous innovator ! But you did not let us know how the result .....was your chocolate smooth and tasty ? Regards Rajendra Mangharam ( )

hai chirag.,

 I am Anish Pallivathukal from kodaikanal. I am  very happy to know that your trying to make chocolates from indian orgin cocoa beans. In india majority of cocoa bean grows in kerela , as far as i know this beans are little acidic , so major stubling block is to alkalise the cocoa beans.

Carry on Chirag success is not reached on an easy road.  I am a cacao bean farmer from the Philippines and has been trying hard to learn how to make chocolate from bean to bar.


Glad to connect with the group. I am a Chocolate enthusiast as well and have been predominantly working with chocolate compounds and covertures for my creations. Looking to know the availability of any Indian chocolate bars or covertures that I can use in my creations :)


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