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I've recently enrolled myself in Ecole Chocolat's online program. And I'll be needing chocolate couverture during the program. So, basically I just wanted to know whether India made couverture with India cocoa are good enough?
Or should I go with imported chocs only? Also, the prices of imported couverture is 3 times the Indian, so want to know whether it's worth it?

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70% of India's cacao production  goes to Cadbury and 20% to Campco. Of course you are aware that most Indian chocolate is compound chocolate- cheaper. That said there are few companies producing couverture, though I found it not as good as the imported. Morde is trying. Campco does but I don't think their bean quality is that good and then they add vanillin! There are some small artisan chocolatiers in Kodaikanal who make decent chocolate but finding them among the hordes of compound chocolate sellers might be hard. I am sure some of them are on The Chocolate Life. Most gourmet chox 'melters'  that I met in India used Callebaut. Try getting to the next AAHAR or food trade show in your region for a good education on chox available in India. Or go down to the growing regions in Kerala to find the artisan bean to bar maker.

Thanks Clive, I don't know if you have heard of East Connect Ingredient , based in Chennai. They do offer India-made-chocolate couverture and not compound, assuming they are being honest.
Just wanted to know if you have any information about them and the quality of chocolate sold by them.

sorry for late reply, no I have not heard of East Connect and I did not visit Chennai, apparently a lot of the Kerala grown beans are transported east to dry because it rains less, so there is likely to be good chocolate there. Tasting is the key test!

Hi CLIVE, Thank you for remembering small artisan chocolatier in kodaikanal.

Hi Ritu I would be interested to know how you find your Ecole program . Send me ur email and we can be in touch . Try Chocolate Academy for the Callebaut coveture

Spot on Clive.

Only a handful of people are 'qualified' to this question and Clive is one of them. :)

He has summed up everything for you.


Hi Ritu,

You must have finished your programme by now. I am intrested to know whats next for you. Are you venturing into chocolate making or still in process? Kindly reply.

Have a nice day


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