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Trees from India

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The images are awesome, but they are totally Greek for me, since I started manufacturing home-made chocolates just a few months ago, using compound slabs for the job.

Hi Ramya,

They look lovely... Where are these trees located?

Also, how is their pH level? How long is their roast? I remember meeting a food-scientist who was told me that some beans don't need roasting altogether. How do you rate Indian beans? I'm presuming that you're experienced with a variety of beans.



Halo DIV,

                  These Trees are from eastern coatal area of India. Forastro, like usual asian beans acidic , fruity, Ph- 4, 4.5. need a pronounced roast.  not great.  I am working to improve quality and experimenting with different methods of fermentation.        regards,


Thanks for that Anish,

I've been planning on travelling around the country and learn a bit more about Indian beans..

I'd love to get in touch with you sometime, and perhaps organise an event for other chocolatiers too. 

You mentioned that you're working to improve bean quality and experimenting with fermentation techniques.. Are you a agriculturist or scientist ?  or just an enthusiast? or a chocolatier? 

As for me, i've just returned from Australia, and am exploring the chocolate market in India. I've noticed that the market is not a developed one, and most chocolatiers are, dare i say, recycling compound chocolate. Whats your opinion on that?




You are absolutely correct. Most chocolatiers use compound chocolates. Hence, you were not off the mark when you used the term `recycling.'

Cheers & Sunshine,


Div, your assumption about Indian chocolate and chocolatiers are true. Ignorant chocolatiers and ignorant customers, happy.


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