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What's the procedure for getting chocolates imported from other countries?

As I am new to the industry, I've minimal knowledge about getting chocolates imported from other countries.. the procedure involved.. what are the freight charges like.. and how difficult or easy is it to get the couvertures imported in India. Anyone here, who has imported bulk chocolates before or has any knowledge about it is kindly requested to share it here.



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I'm not sure about the process, but you'll have to acquire an import license for sure. You can also search for trade directories.

Check with Chocolate World

Getting an import license in your name is an easy process, also the fees is less.

Check with the Indian Customs on rules, restrictions and fees applied to get Chocolate & Cocoa based products into India, also please share the incoming route, would it be coming via SEA or AIR, also the dispatch country, etc...

Good Luck :)

 hi this is chef akhlesh  here  we have one supplier in mumbai itself  who sell different chocolate depending upon their cocoa %they have volrohana, callebaut, morde ,and lot more

hey chef akhlesh, 

can you please share the details of the supplier since there is quite a shortage of couveture chocolate here in Delhi, and Mumbai is the port where it all lands. Thanks in advance. :)

Hi. I guess u r looking to import small batches of either liquer/couverture or beans for artisan production in India. I too am interested and if we could pool our demand, perhaps can share the costs and lower prices. Please get in touch - Madan Patil, +91 97623 50119

Hello All,

I've just came back from World of Food India Exhibition in Mumbai.

I was there to find importer for our chocolate, and many visitors wanted to distribute our chocolate, but not many was willing to import it.  They seemed it was difficult because of lack of experience.  Anyhow, if you all can find an importer who's willing to import chocolate from World suppliers such as ours, please let them know we are also looking for an importer.

Song - Fixur Chocolate (

Mr song,
Could you please share your company details with me on do you manufacture good quality couveture, comparable in taste and flavor to dezaan or Callebaut. I might be able to put you in touch with an importer for chocolate.
Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Rama,

You can take a quick look at our website 

We produce various chocolate including couveture and compound.  We are specialized in customized chocolate, so we normally work with confectionery company and bakery chains here in South Korea.

Please share some details on your importer as well.


Song Cho


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