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Writing on another post reminded me of Aldi Supermarkets single origin chocolate bars. These are surprisingly good and taste like you would expect the origin to taste. From memory they do a Madagascar, Venezuela and Ecuador for about $2 per bar. Worth checking out, far superior to the Lindt origins you can get. Mind you we don't have any Aldi supermarkets in South Australia and I got them in Brisbane this time last year so things may have changed. The chocolate is made in Germany.

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Thanks for the tip. I've long been an advocate of Aldi for cheap eating chocolate - the blocks they import from Germany are far better than any of the Cadbury-type brands you get over here. I'll have to keep an eye open for the single origin as well now
Aldi chocolate products may be at a very competitive price, however the
quality of the ingredients are always top notch.
I have been involved in supplying Aldi in the past.
We have an Aldi close to us here in Ipswich. I have not noticed these bars.

Must go and get some to try out.... $ 2.00 is pretty cheap. Might get a bag full then. Aldi's quality is always great. Hope i can find them.
Hugs, joey in Qld.
Aldi? Aldi? Aldi? Sorry, I am just so surprised that the cut price supermarket chain would stock quality chocolate. I will have to take a look when I get a chance.
Aldi is a German chain and the chocolate they get is, from what I have seen, German. I think it may just be a case of cheap chocolate in Germany is still of a high standard compared to what we get here in Australia.
Exactly my thoughts, I was dubious when I bought them but, hey you never know I thought and it paid off. I hope they still have them here is a link so you know what to look for - I must have gotten them on special or they have realised they are nice bars so are charging more for them.
I went into Aldi yesterday and couldn't find them. I tracked down a manager, not easy in our local Aldi, and quizzed him on it. He said they don't do them anymore because they didn't sell. He did show me the "just organic" range, so I have brought home a bar of that to try... although it is so hot and sticky today I think I'll wait till it is a little cooler.

I tried to convince him that they may sell now that the word is getting out about them, but he didn't seem intent on getting them in, saying that they were no longer available... which doesn't appear to be the whole truth given the web link to their products.

Maybe a letter to the management is in order here.

I also bought the christmas balls, just because they look christmassy, and I can compare them to the Lindt ones!
Just goes to show, most Australian's don't have a clue when it comes to chocolate.


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