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I would like to know if anyone can advise me on inexpensive packaging for my chocolates. I have already found good sources for transparent acetate boxes of about 3 and 4 square inches on ebay (especially those coming from HK), but I would now like to find some cardboard boxes with inserts and transparent lids.


I've already sourced out the obvious companies such as Metropak, Plasbox and Brown Paper Packaging, but has anyone found other less expensive suppliers?

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Hi Mim,

You have been searching like i've did.

It is impossible to find attractive chocolate packaging here as in Europe. You either have to let it be produced yourself or import from Europe. In both cases a very expensive road.


Hi Mim, I source my boxes from abroad. Perhaps getting one big shipment at once together as a "co-up", and lowering the shipping cost that way is a possibility? My boxes are cardboard and come with the see through plastic top, plus golden choc inserts to hold the chocs safely. Many different sizes.

Hi Hanna,

Could be a good idea, but I guess it would depend on the quantity, perhaps (I think your business is probably quite big)?  Would you like to send me some more details please, or perhaps the website of your supplier so that I can browse and see?

So far, I've packed my chocolates in acetate boxes or cello bags. But am now considering simple cardboard with plastic on top with trays (like yours I would say), high enough for truffles - 35-40mm high. I have seen the 'clearview' site which you mentioned in another post... but from what I see, the boxes may not fit my truffles which are about 30-35mm high (mind you, I guess I could make them smaller).

Another idea is sourcing 'kraft' paper/cardboard, you know, that natural khaki colour giving an environmentally friendly look, which I could then 'stamp' my designs on.

Anyway, its very kind of you to suggest the co-op idea. Lets talk some more.

Hi Mim, please email me through my website, www.mamorchocolates. com. The box supplier with the clear top is Clearview Packaging, New Zealand.


Dear Gap,

Thank you for that lead. The dimension details regarding trays is a bit confusing, but I will contact them. The lids are not see through, but I can see a good use for them.


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