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Companies that specialise in Australian made single origin chocolate:

Cicada Chocolate
Bahen and Co Chocolate Maker
Daintree Estates

Check them out and add new ones if I have missed some, i know Niu does some but have never been able to get it and it is not their specialty. I also no Monsieur Truffe has a factory but havent seen any chocolate. I have heard Koko Black is looking at getting into actual bean to bar also. Of course their is Haighs but they dont do single origin yet.

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I think that list pretty much covers it. Kennedy & Wilson in the Yarra Valley, Victoria also make chocolate but I think they start with liquor and, also, don't specialise with single origin.


I'll have to give Bahen a try. I have tried the others already, so thanks for the new lead.

Yeah, let me know what you think, I have spoken to Josh Bahen but haven't ordered any yet, I just discovered them, surprising since they have been going for 5 years. Sounds like he know alot so should be good chocolate. I am not a fan of puting my credit card details into an unprotected web page, so I was phoning my order in but Josh wasn't in a position at the time to take it down.

I tried putting something through their website this morning but it didn't work. I e-mailed Josh and he got back to me quickly and we've organised for him to send me out some bars. Can't believe he's been going for 5 years! - I assume he must just be selling really well in the local area and doesn't need to market any wider.

He is an ex wine maker so think he has a lot of contacts for sales in that avenue (wine and chocolate, hand in hand), also he exports a lot to Singapore and Hong Kong I think.

Received my bars today from Josh at Bahen & Co - he was very helpful after the website failed to process my payment.


Single origin Madagascar and Brazil, a House blend and House blend with almond & sea salt. All chocolates are 70% and all seem to have no added cocoa butter (ingredients are cocoa beans and organic cane sugar). Tried the Brazil today. It was my first chocolate from Brazil and is everything I like about chocolate - fruity with a good chocolatey undertone. Reminded me of Madagascan chocolate, but with a stronger "chocolate" finish behind the fruity notes. I would recommend this chocolate.


I'll let you know about the others once I've tried them.

The Madagascar was also very good (it is probably my favourite origin for chocolate). Once again, the fruity notes of the chocolate had been maintained and were a little "fresher" / more citrus that the Brazil. This is the type of chocolate I enjoy. It has been well handled and prepared and I would recommend it.

Yeah, I had a feeling they would be good, Josh sounds pretty selective in his bean choices and he has been at it a few years. I have a few bars coming in in a couple of weeks time, Madagascar is one of my favs also so really excited about trying the Brazil too. Thanks for the review.

I would say the Brazil is the best bean to bar I have tried from an Australian maker (and I've tried most). The flavour is just unlike anything I've had before. The Madagascar is very good also, but there is just something in the Brazil.

Oooh, even more excited. Yeah i too have tried pretty much everything going. A mate brought me back some Patric and Rouge from the states recently. Both do excellent Madagascar but I really liked their Rio Carribe offerings. Both are worth getting and live up to the hype. The next i get to try is Hawaii, i have a mate going there in January, cant wait.

I have spoken with Alan from Patric before and have managed to snag quite a few of his bars out here - they are very good.

actually Haighs do 3 origins, Ecuador, Peru and Vanuatu. Availability of single origin is slowly getting better our current offer is

Solomon Is




Madagascar organic (criollo from isle of perfume)

Brazil (Bahia)

Madagascar (sambirano valley)

available in bean, mass or chocolate

Jdaul Is available in New Year

more info on our

Actually the Haighs stuff is remelted Belcolade


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