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Interesting article on efforts to grow Vanilla in Australia


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Thanks Gap, really interesting article. I met Russel recently at the Port Douglas markets, he is a bit of a character! I have been using Daintree Vanilla and Spice vanilla and also Russel's Vanilla Australia vanilla in my chocolate making lately. Really nice both of them, I haven't made enough yet to decide which I like better, both claim to have 3-4 times the normal vanillin content. Both have superior flavour to the Queen and the Equagold stuff you can get in supermarkets, not so acrid. Russel was saying he is building a massive greenhouse to expand and bringing in some fancy extraction equipment. They are definitly on to something good.


Very interesting about the project that reduces curing time, if that gets going, no more deficit in vanilla supply, no more high cost!

I was reading this same article on Tuesday.. though I think it was in the SMH. I was wondering how this bean had a higher vanillin content and yet had a more subtle flavour, and whether this was due to the faster curing process. I'll certainly be watching the progression of this research.

Great article. I'd also add that Daintree Vanilla and Spice's pod price is not prohibitively expensive for appropriately labelled commercial products to use. Were still experimenting with the processes for making a vanilla ice block from beans but are quite keen on making one.



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