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I currently live in Oz having moved from the UK and as much as I love chocolate I am a total amateur compared to you guys. So please bear with me as I ask a few probably stupid questions.

Firstly, back home we have single, double and whipping cream and for ganache I used double cream which is what most of the UK recipes state. Over here they say cream or pure cream. Woollies have really expensive Pure cream and then the usual thickened cream. Aldi also stock double cream. I usually make thickened cream and the results seem fine (probably not for your aquired tastes!) . I'm guessing the Aldi double cream is like the UK one. What should I be using and if pure cream where do you get it? Not only is the one at Woolworths expensive but it is only a tiny carton. This at the moment is only a hobby as I'm a SAHM and really can't afford to be spending that much at the moment.


Secondly, I know I should source some great chocolate, but as I said I can't afford it at the moment. I am practicing using Nestle melts which is tasty, but I want to start experimenting with couverture chocolate. I noticed at Woolworths they had the Lindt cooking chocolate. Is that couverture chocolate or something else? They also stock the Nestle Paistowe. Is that couverture? What about the Roberts Confectionary chocolate which is stocked at Spotlight? What would you suggest as a couverture chocolate to start with which is not too pricey that tastes good so I can practice tempering?

Thirdly and lastly, if I melt chocolate whether it is compound (nestle melts) or couverture, if I don't use it all, can I remelt it and use it again?


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Hi Melanie,


I (and almost everyone I know) use Australian whipping cream - it is 35% fat - for all ganache recipes . . . no problems.

As for sourcing couverture: Callebaut is a good product to start with and can be sourced relatively cheaply at . They are based in Melbourne, but are used to dealing with people from all over the world, so if you're in Oz, give them a call and they'll be able to help. PS: check out the courses section if you're interested in chocolate making courses.

And yes, you can remelt chocolate and use it again. Couverture chocolate will need to be tempered each time you use it.


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