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This discussion serves as a central gathering point for questions dealing with making, storing, selling, and shipping chocolate in hot weather - with specific reference to Australasian institutions (e.g., shipping companies) and suppliers.

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This discussion on warm weather shipping by someone from down under was posted in the main discussion forum and contains some helpful tips, tricks, links, and sources.
I'm still looking for a supplier of insulated boxes and ice packs here in Australia, any hint?

Hi there, this is a very interesting topic. Climate in Australia is much different compared to Europe, and often - even if the temperature is not too high - the sun radiation is so strong that inside a van or a truck you can have very hot conditions.


Hence, the necessity of beeing very careful transporting chocolate. I started just few days ago selling some products online, but for the most part of the year is absolutely mandatory to use insulated packs, adding of course to the cost of the shipping.


At the same time, since my products are imported from Italy, I have to use airfreight refrigerated as shipping method, even during the Winter since in italy it's Summer... :-( If someone knows about temperature controlled groupage from Italy to Australia (15°C) a hint would be truly appreciated.


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