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This is a TV show currently screening in Australia on the ABC at 11am on a Saturday morning. It follows a brittish cake shop as they make amazing cakes for the stars, involves a lot of chocolate. I am told it is worth watching so check it

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Hi Tom, so how have you found it so far?  I have watched it a  couple of times but don't think i can bear to watch it any more. Why are so many tv food programs full of obnoxious characters?

I was impressed with some of the chocolate sculptures. I thought there were some very innovative designs and they had brought much fantasy to life with chocolate. As the show progressed I found they were very formulaic in their cakes... but then I suppose that is the success of their business ie they found a design that worked and can churn it out.

Have you seen Planet Cake? our own home grown cake goddess and her wonderful team of decorators? Margie does some nice chocolate sculptures. Though again, the tv program focusses on the characters rather than the work and techniques. There's a better program for cake makers on foxtel, on TLC, called "fabulous cakes'. It focusses on the cakes and the techniques, and not the decorators. I don't know if there is a similar one for chocoate... but I will keep my eye out for it.

I have pushed myself to watch most episodes, and the last one where they self proclaimed to be the best chocolatiers in the world left me stunned.  They certainly do have an 'art' - that is carving huge mounds of chocolate and making them look pretty.  However, using the terms 'cakes' well...

I wonder what their carving and moulding formula is? Seems the "chocolate" is very plasticy compared to and unadulterated chocolate or cocao butter I have ever seen.


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