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Hi all!

Can I ask what chocolate competitions are there in Australia? Big or small. I would like to enter some, I think my chocolates can win some awards :)

Also, I think it would be great as a permanent resource on this group to have a list of competitions for future reference to everybody. 

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You could try the 'Shows' in various capital cities. I don't know about other cities but there is only a chocolate section for commercial retailers in the Royal Adelaide Show.

Aha! Perfect! This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for. 

The various "royal" shows have chocolate competitions although sometimes they miss a year. For example Brisbane missed last year but should be back in 2014.  Sydney has closed (in December and results are due soon).

Adelaide and Hobart the the most useful from my own perspective as I pan chocolate products and those two understand panning. The Sydney judges told me that I had to temper before panning leading me to much confusion (turned out to be bad advice and indicated that they don't have an understanding). However Sydney DOES have a good reputation for other chocolate creations doubtless because of the fame of the Royal Easter Show.

Perth also has a section although they sent judges to Sydney to check out how it was done a couple of years back and as I see it that was not helpful. But one of their guys (I forget his name) is a exceedingly helpful and in fact lectures on chocolate at a Uni in Perth.

Sydney's fees are really high. Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Brisbane are about half the price.

Melbourne does have a Royal Show but when I last checked they didn't have any section for my products. Don't recall if that was no chocolate or no panning!

Give it a go! I have won Gold, Silver and Bronze and also "Best Product from an Emerging Chocolate Manufacturer" and this is only me - I don't have staff or a factory but I do sell my goodies "online" and at farmers markets.

I use the "gongs" to promo on my web page and packaging which sets me apart from folk that don't enter.  You can see these at and I have also made a bit of a deal about it on my Facebook page  (Clay - is it OK to include these links to make the point?)

Hope this helps - I don't think there are any more.

Colin :-)


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