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I am told that someone makes a chocolate enrobing system in New Zealand. I can't find them on Google - does anyone know who these people are please? Thanks! :-)

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Hi Colin,

The company is : PTL:



Wow! That was fast! Thanks a million Marc.

Do you know how good the enrobers are?

Colin :-)

I have worked with Jim Halliday and his team many times.

He is a great Scottish cocoa & chocolate engineer (ex Cadbury)

Makes good kit.



Thanks Marc. Great recommendation! I'll follow through and check this out. Really appreciate your thoughts :-)


Hi Colin,

Check Out  Artisan and high volume Artisan  Artisan to semi industrial



Neither Savy-Goiseau nor Hacos are made in New Zealand - which was Colin's question.

I know you are trying to help - but it's important to recognize where people are located and what they are looking for when they are asking questions. Many times you'll see my answering questions just that way to get that information? Where are you located? What are your production requirements?

Thanks Clay,

Understood, this is link to another conversation that we have on another groups with Collin.

And I do know that Savy and Hacos  are not made from New Zealand.




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