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Companies shipping Less than Container Loads Reefer (refrigerated) from France to New Zealand.

Hello everyone,

I am currently in New Zealand in the process of starting my little chocolate business.

Does anyone have recommendations regarding shipping companies that do LCL Reefer shipments between Europe and New Zealand?

I have only found one so far....

How do you guys import chocolate without using air freight? I wonder :-)

many thanks,


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Anyone? :-)

Hi brian. from EU to NZ. I have found only Hillebrand doing refrigerated LCL. WOuld you know another one?

Hi Anissa,

With refrigerated LCL you have to be careful, because most of them are at 4°C or less and that's not good for chocolate. It's 4 years now that I import chocolate from Italy to Australia, and I'm still using air freight shipping because I haven't found a better way, all things considered.

Hi Marco, the company I work with import wine. So the temperature range is very compatible :-)

I havent even considered air freight, is it worth it? Not too expensive?

Air freight is hugely expensive, but for now I haven't found anything better...


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