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Thought I would re-post this here so all the Aussies get a notification


Very exciting news! Australia now has four bean to bar chocolate makers (I think I am counting correctly). Haigh's, Nui, Zokoko and now Daintree Estates ( Check out their comprehensive website for more info, the shop is not up and running yet but soon I am told.


I have had the good fortune to have worked with some of the cocoa from Mango Park run by Don and the chocolate I have made from it is amazing! The flavour notes are very unusual, I get liquorice and pineapple very strongly in this chocolate.


Well done guys!!

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Come on guys,


Comments about the site? Words of congratulations? I know the guys don't have accounts on here but I do know that some of the execs float in every so often and check the lay of the land here. I know there has been a lot of people checking the site out.

I tried a small sample of the 70% today and it had a very unusual flavour profile. I had read your description of "pineapple" which seems to capture it quite well whereas "fruity" was the first thing that popped into my head (which probably doesn't help people other than me, because I haven't said which fruit). I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to their store being up and running so I can try some more.


I also tried the 45% milk which seemed very good from the sample I had.

Ahh, I am still waiting for my samples to taste, it will be interesting to see how the large scale production compares with my small scale tests, also keen to see what formulation they went with in the end. The liquorice flavour that I mentioned seems to come out over time as the chocolate ages and is obviously more noticable in the dark. I am glad they went with a dark milk chocolate formulation too, I really liked it when I made it, I wasn't sure the fruitiness would go well in a dark milk but I really liked the result. I also made some milk chocolate versions, these were good but I find it is very difficult to formulate a true milk chocolate that maintains a distinctive origin flavour profile. That said I did get there in the end and it is really good! I was surprised it was so challenging when I first set out to formulate.
I think I'll get a better handle on the flavour profile from a larger bar. The 70% seemed to have a very unique profile (compared to the other chocolates I have tasted - which is a few) and I am very keen to try it in full size. Apparently their website should be up in a month or two and the 80g bar production is starting in a week or so.
Yeah i really find those tasting squares as poor indicators of the flavour of a choc. Perhaps the thin piece looses flavour and aroma compounds quickly, or pick up other flavours from the environment.

Hello, I'm Mim. I've just joined the group.Thank you Tom, for the very interesting information about Daintree Estates and the other Australian 'bean to bar chocolate makers'. I am a fledgling chocolatier, and so far, am only using Callebaut for my chocolates, though my preference is Valrhona which is prohibitively expensive in Australia. I have family in France, and they never come to visit without a big pack or two in their luggage, which cost less than a third of what the distributors Simon Johnson charge (and probably cheaper still with the future state of the euro).


However it would be kind of neat to do an 'all Australian' chocolate selection using candied and dried fruit we grow ourselves in the Kangaroo Valley. I will keep an eye on Daintree products when they become available, and will follow up on the other Australian makers that you've mentioned. Once again, thank you.

No worries, glad to see another Aussie on here.


If you prefer Valrhona you should make an enquirey with El Choto ( they are a Spanish product importer and they bring in Chocovic, I think from memory their bulk chocolate prices are pretty competative and I certainly like the chocolate better than Callebaut - no damn coconut flavour in it. They may even give you a better deal given the exchange rate has been good for a long time?


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