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Hello everybody, I'm new to this community and I'd like to indroduce myself. I'm Italian - Tuscany - but I moved to Australia 2 years ago with my wife and my daughter, that now is the only member of the family able to speak a decent English...


I run a small internet business (publishing and ecommerce, mostly), but since my wife and me are really passionate about food, once in Australia we decided to import chocolate and coffee from a small but very famous artisan in Tuscany.


Now I split my time between my office, writing software and articles in Italian, and the kitchen of our cafè in Port Fairy (lovely village on the ocean in Victoria) baking biscotti di Prato (Prato is the town from my wife and me come from, and where the biscotti with almonds where originally produced) and macaroons, obviously with chocolate filling!


Please forgive my mistakes, my English is far from being acceptable but I'm improving, even if the Aussie accent is REALLY something... :-)

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It is good to see another almost South Aussie on the chocolate life. I had my honeymoon in Port Fairy and it is a lovely seaside village. If we get back there one day I will definitly visit. What is the chocolate that you import?

Hi Tom, we have a lot of customers from South Australia, especially from Mount Gambier but also from Adelaide, and I'd like to open a shop in SA, eventually. Our chocolate brand is Slitti (, and we import the whole range of products including coffee, that's really popular.

We'll open soon another shop in Tasmania, probably the first week of August, and I was really surprised by how much Australians love our coffee, too.

If you ever will come here, let me know, just drop an emai at the website address.

Ciao Marco,

Welcome from another newcomer to the group. I know Port Fairy well, having done a couple of painting trips there... gorgeous town. Wish I had known where your cafe was, I would have dropped in. I also know Tuscanny little also, as I shared a little house for 12 years, in the small village of Colle di Compito just outside of Lucca, where I've made some wonderful life long friends. I tried to visit the Amadei chocolate factory in Pisa last year, but as usual, got totally lost! I bet you miss Italy! I do! Especially the yearly freshly pressed litre of olive oil from my next door neighbour.

Ciao Mim,

I lived about 20 km from Colle di Compito :) I moved to Australia with my family a couple of years ago, and I do miss the freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil, too!

Next time you come to Port Fairy send me an email (, I have several interesting things for a chocolate lover.


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