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I used to go to Monsieur Truffe's store at Prahran Market here in Melbourne when he first started up and was selling various origin chocolate bars. He now has a store running at

351 Lygon street East brunswick

Phone: (03) 9380-4915

Hours: Wednesday to Friday 8am to 4pm/ Saturday and Sunday 8:30am to 4pm


His website: seems to indicate he's making bean to bar chocolate and I know he had been planning this for a while. Has anyone tried his bars or know any more details?


I'll try and get out there at some stage soon.

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No more than what you said, that he has been working towards this for a while. I know he went and visited the cacao growers in FNQ about a year ago to see about beans. The origin bars that he had on his site before were I think the Callebaut origins just remolded. But by the sound of the post for July 15th it seems he has gotten everythinig together. Be interesting to see what he produces!

You'll have to go visit the mini factory for us and take some pictures. Sounds like the whole set up is visible an right there for the customer to see. There are some photos and review at still can't see the machinery though, but the place is bloody huge!


More at: 

looks like he is only just starting with Tanzanian so the other origins must be the Callebaut.

I seem to remember he used Flechlin as well
I had a chat with the cafe today and it seems retail production/selling of the bean to bar chocolate is still a few weeks away. The cafe is open and serving food and other chocolates, but the actual bean to bar stuff is not quite there yet (although you can apparently see all the machines in action).

Hi there,

I am the head chocolatier at Monsieur Truffe and am working out of the new factory space in Brunswick East. We are still in the process of experimenting and testing as we want to put out something of good quality that we are proud of. This means that unfortunatly at this stage I can't give a definite date as to when these products will go on retail sale. For the moment we are still making bars of different origins that we are sourcing from different suppliers like Felchlin, Cacao Barry, Weiss and Chocovic. Will keep you posted on our progress!

Thanks Jade - please do let us know when things are getting close

Hi Jade,

The Tanzanian cacao shell you sent is very good, very one has been loving the cacao tea we are making with it.

Good to hear, it's nice that something can be done with it. We always have plenty of shell on hand!

All I know is that Thibault is currently trialling SAMOA GOLD premium trinitario beans beautifully fermented for 4-7 nights, sun dried and shipped immediately from Samoa to Melbourne by air...if the results are as good as our two initial sample 50g 70% dark chocolate bars made in Adelaide and Melbourne these past 2 months, then we at Cocoa Samoa Limited are looking at exporting more cocoa beans....we have 7 tonne in stock at present with one grower demanding an additional $AUD5,000 a tonne for her organically certified cocoa beans. Her beans were piloted in the first sample chocolate bar and they come highly recommended.  Thibault is one chocolatemaker who realizes this premium quality, better than our Pacific neighbours (according to one reviewer). For more info contact


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