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Shipping from Australia to the US

A colleague of mine is the president of a US-based specialty foods import/distribution company. They import product made in Australia to the US. They are currently working on a 20-foot (dry) container to leave Sydney in the next 3-8 weeks, and would love to hear from companies looking to save money by consolidating a shipment and perhaps make it possible to move up to a 40-footer.

If any of you knows of anyone who might like to take advantage of this possibility, please let me know and I will connect the parties involved. This is not just a one-time deal, they ship several containers a year.

Shipping to Australia ... from the US and anywhere

This same food importer/distributor has some great relationships with shipping companies and has offered to help me solve a real challenge I think many ChocolateLifers in Australia have, which is to get reasonable ocean freight prices for shipments of things like cocoa beans. I am happy to help figure out how to consolidate shipments (if possible) and get them economically to a port in Australia.

You can reply to me privately if you prefer not to make your interest publicly known. 

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Hi Clay, this is an amazing concept with amazing opportunities. Many questions come to mind regarding participation for a small business particularly as I have not yet delved into all that is required when exporting my product to the US or any other country. So, I would be seeking out answers and guidance with questions such as:

Is the dry container temperature and humidity controlled?
What food goods is this specialty foods import/distributor looking to market?
What is the delivery time frame from manufacturer to sale end point to ensure stock arrives viable to sell with acceptable best before time frames?
Do the potential business suppliers in Australia already need markets in place for distribution or does your colleague assist in this?
Are there minimum regulations in place regarding food preparation standards and qualifications i.e. HACCP?
Are there minimum supply order commitments to fulfill distributor requirements?
What costs are involved?
What insurance is required?
How is payment made and received?

This is just the beginning really. Having said that Clay, I feel it is worth looking at and would love learning more about this opportunity by making contact with the organizers if you would be willing to assist in making this connection for me .
Thank you, Lynn

Geraldton Hill Bute South Australia
specializing in artisan toffees and sweet creations

A dry container is not temperature/humidity controlled. The next two steps up are refrigerated and frozen.

At this point, the importer/distributor is not looking to take on new products, they are merely looking for someone interested in consolidating - someone who already has something to ship but is looking for a way to reduce shipping costs between Australia and a US port (probably Miami).

I don't disagree with you that the opportunities for doing something more along the lines you are suggesting is tremendous - but that is not the immediate need, here. The importer is looking for companies with customers in place in the US who already have experience in ocean freight logistics (e.g., know how to palletize for containers and know paperwork procedures), who might be interested in saving some money.

:: Clay
Hi Clay, I have a need not directly to cocoa beans. But it relates to my chocolate shop. I would like to find some "room" in a container from Hungary to Australia. I have family porcelain and Persian carpet my mother made 70 years ago to bring to my new chocolate shop. This shipment is very precious to me. Please connect me to the importer contact. maybe we can work out something. Thanks, Hanna
Hanna -

At the moment, the need if for shipping from Australia, not to Australia. I have been in contact with some people who have asked me to help them find some beans, from the Americas and I thought that it might be helpful to find several chocolate makers in Australia looking to get beans into country.

For this to work, you'd have to get your possessions from Hungary to the US (probably Los Angeles) to get on the container. We would not be in a position to help you with the first part - and it may not be any cheaper.


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