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Hi guys,
Were do you source your chocolate packaging from? in particular the padded insert and the boxes..Thanks

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I am new in AU, and still bring in boxes from NZ or the US. Have a similar question, like you. So far the packaging companies offer Chinese sources, and I would need to buy at least 1000...
This has been my dilemma too. There are a few that will do a minimum of 500 but that doesn't leave much choice! Or some companies of cheaper prices if you by like 23,000!..
Hi Hanna could you please tell us where you get your boxes from in NZ. I;m based in Samoa but am holidaying in Auckland for a month and am looking for packaging. Thanks - Bob Rankin

Sorry, I am a bit late to answer. The company I have been working with is called Clearview Packaging in Auckland - . Since I have moved to Melbourne last year and restarting my business, I find that the boxes are not that expensive. Certainly better, than buying thousands! They mail as many as I want, whenever I want.

If anyone knows a better source in AU, please let us know.


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