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Use this discussion to ask and answer questions about supplies - anything that is inedible but doesn't need to be plugged in (if it needs to be plugged in, ask it in the Sourcing Equipment discussion).

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Hi Clay, i moved my choc biz from NZ to Melbourne. Really having a hard time to source simple choc boxes with inserts. Anyone has an idea? Also, as AU is HOT in the summer, does anyone know small refrigerated countertop display cabinet sources to go to markets with?
Hi Hanna, I use to have a stall at the markets selling truffles and cakes i only worked during the winter time as our chocolate sales where the highest then.
If your looking for table top glass fridges you'd be better off checking out ebay or auctions.
lol... and don't forget to book a powered site..

wow NZ has the most creamiest chocolate, you will find that if its an out door market you may have to look at your packaging maybe thicker inserts/or deviders..

two spots you might want to try for boxes which are based locally:

I don't envy you trying to sell chocolates at markets during summer!!


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