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Hello All-

I am visiting New Zealand for all of January (high season).  I wondered if any of you have suggestions regarding chocolatiers/confectioners to visit while I am there.  Also, if there is any areas of interests that are can't misses (I'm only there for a month and am trying to see both islands), I would appreciate your feedback.



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Hi Danielle

We are still building our factory but you are welcome to drop by and sample some pacific origin trinitario chocolate - we're on the North Shore in Auckland.

If you are looking for scenic wonders then just stick to the bottom end of the South Island. If you like beaches then head to the Coromandel or Bay of Islands. Great Barrier Island is an awesome place if you want to get away from it all.



Maloko Chocolate

Hi Danielle,

Like Rik, we are in the process of setting up our factory and it won't be ready until April/May-ish.

Retail shops to visit:  The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop in Queen Street (Auckland CBD) only sell New Zealand made chocolate, and have products from all over New Zealand - well worth a visit.

In terms of chocolatiers well worth a visit, I'd say the following:

Colestown Chocolates (St Luke, Auckland - not open to public so contact them first)

Chocolate Brown (Warkworth, north of Auckland, New Zealand)

Makana Chocolates (keriKeri, as north as you can get almost in New Zealand, they also are set up in Nelson (top of South Island)

Bohemian Chocolates (Wellington) - haven't tried them but heard great things.

Schoc Chocolates (Greytown, which is near the bottom of the North Island) - one of NZs best

Like anywhere, there is a lot of mediocrity in our chocolate industry here in New Zealand but there are some other good ones here too :)


I don't know anything about them, but I am Facebook friends with Nadine Porter / Bull Rush Chocolates in Ashburton.

Hi Danielle, We have a small bean to bar factory in Cromwell making single origin bars. Queenstown / Wanaka which are nearby are both well worth dropping into for their scenery alone. 

Other Chocolatiers to add to your list are Van H in Christchurch and L'affaire au Chocolat in Wellington and Bennett's of Mangawhai an hour or two north of Auckland.

All the best for your travels



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