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Can you please tell me the names of the bean to bar chocolate makers in Western Australia?  I maintain a database that currently has 466 chocolate makers in it, and I want to make sure that I have accurate information about what is happening in Western Australia.  

Is Margaret River Chocolate Company b2b?

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Yes, I am pretty sure they are. Also Bahen & Co

My database has these 3 chocolate makers in WA:

  • Bahen & Co. in Margaret River
  • Margaret River Chocolate Company in Metricup
  • Gabriel Chocolate in Yallingup

It seems pretty amazing to have 3 chocolate makers so close to each other.

The Margaret River Chocolate Company website makes me wonder if they are a Fondeur/Chocolatier, but I can't tell for sure.  Can anyone conclusively clarify this?

Apologies Lowe, I've misled with my post above. I was actually thinking of Gabriel Chocolate which I've had before as being bean to bar. I have not heard that Margaret River Chocolate is bean to bar. Like you said, it's a bit confusing having the 3 of them so close.

Yeah, especially when one is in Margaret River and one has Margaret River in their name (but on the map does not seem to be exactly in Margaret River.  Is Metricup considered to be in Margaret River?).

Honestly couldn't tell you - I'm based in Melbourne. I'll have a dig around and report back if I find anything on Margaret River Choc Coy.

Hi Lowe,

There are definitely only two chocolate makers in WA, including as mentioned in the reply above by Gap, Gabriel Chocolate which has a factory open to the public for chocolate tasting and a cafe. You are correct Margaret River Choc Co. is a Fondeur/Chocolatier not chocolate maker.

To clarify "Margaret River "- this is world renowned region in the south-west of Western Australia famous for producing high quality wine, foods, beer and now chocolate! None of the chocolate producers are in the actual town of Margaret River and all are in the general region.




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