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Sorry for the late notice, Willie Harcourt-Cooze is back on TV upgrading his chocolate factory. Was on last night on ABC1 at 9:30, there was one a week before this that I missed and there is one next week. You can probably view them on catchup TV on the ABC1 website. For those that don't know his original series aired in Australia earlier this year, he is a crazy English chocolate maker - makes good chocolate, I have tasted it.

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Good to hear it was a good experience, probably an even better experience eating what you have purchased. I'll definitly have to do this then, I have wanted to try Mast Bros for a while and Vestri looks interesting too.

I also received a package from Chocolate & Love today, 10 bars of Amedei Chuao.  It took slightly longer to arrive, about 10 days, and the packaging wasn't as good as Chocolate Society, with the tiniest dents in the corners of the packets, but barely noticeable and not a problem in any way.  Plus they charge 10 pounds for shipping whereas Chocolate Society charge 15 pounds, so you get what you pay for.


As I write this I'm ploughing through my first bar of Chuao, leaving 9 bars's not 2pm yet, I'm not sure there'll be 9 bars left when I leave the office tonight!  

How many bars did you get in the package for you 15 pounds?
They said I could get up to about 1.5kg for 15 pounds. (At Chocolate Society)


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