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150 LB melter with new  controls,heater with thermostat, vfd controls on agitator,water jacketed chocolate pump with VFD controls,water jacketed pipeing system with chocolate sprayhead,self contained on casters. 4500.00


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Just starting to learn about this type of equipment.  Is this used for tempering also or what would need to be added to use as a tempering machine.

You can use this tank for tempering nothing else is required. I can replace the sprayhead with a depositing head to make deposites into a mould or other.

Ronn Hatchel

Hi would you have pics?
Shipping from where?

If you send me your e-mail address I can forward photo,the unit is in NY CITY

Ronn Hatchel


please send a photo 

I am on ling island NY (suffolk county) what make is the unit for sale? do you have image

if you would send me your e-mail i will forward a photo


are you still making chocolates?


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