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Fellow chocolatiers, I have 27 molds for sale, including 16 that are totally new.  I bought the two groups of 10 at JB Prince last year but decided against them for my upcoming business.  The rest of those new ones (the 2 groups of 10) were used once.  The four diamond molds have been used a few times and of the 3 spheres, only one has been used more than a dozen times.
I am looking to sell them for $18  per mold including shipping.  I prefer to sell them all at once, but can sell the 2 groups of 10 separately.  Please get in touch with any questions. Thank you, Catherine  stions.

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Would it be possible to get five of each? I definitely want the diamond mould and will take all ten if you don't want to break them up and since you said your selling price included shipping. You can reply to Also what are the dimensions of the dome mould or the part number from the JB Prince site.

Robin, ideally, how many molds would you like to get?  Here is the info on the molds/weights;

Diamond Choc.World CW 1521 10 grams

Sphere: CW 2207 14 grams

Peaked Mound SKU at JB Prince  K547  each is about 10 grams

Pyramid SKU at JB Prince K310 also about 10 grams

Couldn't find 2207. I'd like to get 5 of k310 if you're willing to break them up.

Robin, 2207 is a Chocolate World mold, you will find it at their website.  Chocolate World Belgium

Did you still want to get the diamond mold?  I am find with the 5 of K310 and the diamond molds together.  Best, Catherine

I just want the k310, not very fond of that diamond. I'll just go ahead and take all 10. Currently I am visiting my mom in New Jersey and not at my shop. I can pay by credit card from here, or paypal, but if you want a check it will have to wait until I return to my shop in Colorado. We can take this offline. My email is I'll send my cell phone and info from there.

Robin, that's fine, the K310 are yours.  I will communicate offline.  Thank you!

I'll take the geodesic domes if they're still available. Email me at orders (at) endorfinchocolat (dot) com - thanks!

Do you still have those molds?

Karla I still have the molds except for the K310 .  There are 17 in all.  10 peaked molds, 3 spheres and 4 diamonds/geodesic.  Please advise, and best. 

 how much for shipping  The  3 sphere to Whitter - CA?
Do you also have some magnetic mold?

Karla, I would just add $1 per mold for $19 X 3 - $57.  No shipping if you were to buy more of them.  I have 1 magnetic mold I could sell, used a couple of times.  I attach a picture.  It is from Chocolate World.  $45 if you are interested.  All best, Catherine

Catherine - are the CW 2207 moulds still available? Please contact me directly at
Thank you!


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