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I have 3 Chocolate World magnetic molds to sell, in the shape of hearts (18 per tray).  I bought them last year but have never used them, having found I prefer to dip my transfer sheet chocolates.

These are considered la creme de la creme of magnetic molds.  The multiple magnets attach impeccably to a metal base.  See the pictures of the actual molds I am selling.  I also had 5 square magnetic molds but these are sold, this offer is only for the three heart molds.

The North America distributor for these is Chocolat-Chocolat in Quebec.  They currently sell  for about $71 each plus 16 to 18% shipping (looked at my invoices for shipping info.) or about $83 per mold.

I am selling them for  $53 each including parcel post shipping within the US with tracking.  No smaller increments. Payment by check.

I am cleaning out my supply cabinet and will list a few regular polycarbonate molds soon. 

Please reply here, or contact Catherine at

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hello i have opened my account

Thank you very much! But  I have only three molds left, sold the 5 to a friend.  Are you interested in the three?  If so, I can check for shipping costs to NZ.  Best, Catherine

ohh thanks plz give me some disc i am new chocolatier.tell me total cost.i am happy with 3 molds

thanks and regards,

mahesh joshi

Mahesh, I will have shipping info. for you next week.  Sorry, I was away. 

Once these molds are sold (don't want to step on anyone's toes here) I have these same molds (never used) for sale.  I over bought and love the ones that I use but have about 10 each of the hearts, squares, ovals and circles that I have never used and would like to turn back into cash.


Hi Catherine,

I recently purchased some molds from you and they were really great. I am interested in any additional molds you might be selling. I don't always have time to get on Chocolate Life, but please let me know if you do have any additional molds to sell. Thanks Donna

Dear Mahesh, apologies, but the molds are sold to someone who bought molds from me before.  The shipping cost out of the country doesn't make sense and would make the molds too expensive.  Many thanks for your kind interest, and best.

Do you still have the molds?

It appears that there is a metal base that attaches to the mold.

Is this to hold the transfer sheet? What is the purpose of the metal magnetic base?



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