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We purchased this temperer but found that we didn't need it so we're putting it up for sale.    I've also attached some pics so you can see that it's in really good condition.  A note about this temperer - it's a little louder than some others.  When we first got it I contacted the company to discuss it with them - sent them a video of it in action even and their engineers stated there were no issues - normal operation.  While we used it as well, we had no problems, I just wasn't sure that that's how it was SUPPOSED to sound.  :)

So new - these go for $795 - this one has about 30 hours of use on it - we're selling it for $500 plus shipping.  If you're interested, you can email me at and we can figure out the details, and also answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for your interest - great tabletop temperer if you're in need.


Lindsay Truffler Artisan Chocolates

Bay City, MI  48706


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Just a quick note - this temperer is sold - thank you for your interest.  



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