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All items in business for sale. AA 5 ft cooling cabinet 3 yrs old..tempering machine, molds

Everything in business for sale as a package deal. Cooling cabinet in excellant art gallery in NE NC. Stainless table, imported molds (at least $ 1500 worth), boxes, ribbons, tissue paper, all goes.

I am not available starting 6/25 for 2 weeks... Then I can make list & take photos. Email: jackiejjjj@ Revolation 3210 tempering machine included.

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We are interested in a list and photos when you get a chance. Sorry you have to sell everything.
Hi jackie I would like a list as well.thank you.i am so sorry about your current misfortune.hugs<3

Sorry you have to sell.  I would be interested in a list and pictures.  Thanks!!

4 HB-0128-GL3   49.87 ea  =  199.48   Hans Brummer
2 HB-0116-A-PC   69.50 ea      139.00
1  HB-0730-S     29.92          29.92
Chocolat Chocolat
CW2265  qty 4   22.95 ea       $91.80
B95  Qty 2     25.95 ea              51.90
CS2254   qty 4  Spheres   $22.95 ea       $91.80
B96  Sphere Qty 2     26.95 ea     $53.90
B60  Sardine   $18.95 ea x 2         $37
CS1125 Fish bonbon  $43.95   1       43.95
B60  Sardine   18.95 ea               18.95
CS1125  Fish  1  43.95                 43.95
X362 Fish bonbon  17.95 ea             17.95
2 G-373  Sand Dollar   11.95 ea
1 I-2242 Shell   28.00
1 I-2165 Shell   28.00
1 I-1154 Shell    $24
1 I-1171 Shell   $24.
1 H702 Sana  23.06
1 H300 Christmas Tree $23.06
1 Victoria Father Christmas   $23.06
1 Santa Face  $22.20
1 H702 Santa     $23.06
1 H300 Christmas Tree  23.06
1 H795 Victoria Father Christmas   $23.06
1 C-376 Santa Face  $11.20
Business Card Magnet   $60
Small Circle Transfer   $60
National Shrinkwrap   $299.95  (1 Packagemaster Shrinkwrap System)
Easter Egg Molds  Brunner  HB-128-A  I ordered these but can't find the cost... about 10 of these.
Sold a lot of large Easter Eggs
Magnetic Truffle molds also ...
Cabinet is ALTERNATIVE AIR Model AACCA60R Curved Glass Front , 5 ft color Shaker 7935-7  $3640 NEW 
Perfect condition.  Has sat in an art gallery...  no scratches.   3 yrs old.
Tabletop Tempering Machine  Revolution 3210    about $1200 
Shrinkwrap machine sitting on a 4 ft stainless table     $400 spent
about $200 in Nashville Wraps Ribbon, plus candy bags, boxes, shipping boxes, tissue paper, etc.  about $600 worth.
Everything in my storage room goes except for the stainless shelving.

Aun Tienes las Cosas DISPONIBLES párrafo vender?

you still have things available to buy?


I'm interested.  I've sent you a private email.

Please email me at:

Thank you much,


Please respond to:    Thank you for any interest.   

I just don't have time for photos.  The cabinet is an hour away from my location, and I am swamped with another business.  I am now taking $4000 for all to include the cabinet which is in excellent condition, the tempering machine and all the molds.  There are at least $6000+ in products.  I have not had time to go over the magnetic molds, so there are about 10 truffle molds included.    Nice to be so busy!


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